Bottle Water seller in Owerri, Imo state, identified as Chibueze Uguru was crushed to death by a heavy duty truck that lost control.

According to eye witnesses, the truck which was conveying sharp sand stocked in cement bags, was coming into town from Onitsha road before officials of Imo Environmental Transformation Commission who were on duty to stop heavy duty vehicles from accessing the state capital in the day time allegedly went after it. The driver noticing that the ENTRACO officials were after him, paddled off, but unfortunately he lost control and started sounding horn and shouting for people to clear the road, but that was too late for young and promising boy, Uguru, who was crushed to death by the truck.

Its not known yet if the truck driver has been arrested and charged to court for manslaughter.

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Pic; Young Boy Crushed to Death by Heavy Duty truck.

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